The Fraternal Twins

The viral hip hop duo with a Canadian connection.

Gioconda Barbuto in Car-Men by Jiří Kylián

Toronto-born artist Gioconda Barbuto has been admired unflaggingly for four decades. Lucy M. May’s profile, “The Body Magnetic,” meets the Canadian artist.

Words in Motion

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver presents Words in Motion: three works that each pair a choreographer with a writer.

Hana Awase Sansa

Komachi Montréal is a Japanese folk dance troupe specializing in traditional folk music.

De Danaan Irish Dancers

Check out the De Danaan Irish Dancers at the CelticFest Vancouver.

Cold As Funk

Toronto hip hop dancer Miles Faber performs a popping freestyle.

Ballet Victoria's Romeo and Juliet

Ballet Victoria presents the world premiere of Artistic Director Paul Destrooper’s new choreography of Romeo and Juliet.

A Case Of You

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater returns to the Sony Centre in Toronto.


Infidelity, love, seduction, temptation and the the weight of love’s disillusionment – all themes in Montréal choreographer Virginie Brunelle’s Foutrement, on this week at the Vancouver International Dance Festival.

Sporting Life

Julia Sasso remounts her 1996 work examining society’s love of violence.

Dance Video Collection Project

Dance teacher turned filmmaker features youth in hip hop concept films.

The NDN Way

The NDN Way integrates elements of Cree philosophy into a collage of abstract imagery and movement.

The Mystery of Mr. Leftovers

Peever discusses her connection to choreographer Moore, the creative process and character work in this dynamic solo.


Badke is a distortion of dabke, the Palestinian folk dance. It brings together a group of Palestinian dancers who have taken daily risks in the pursuit of their craft.

CPA [Consistent Partial Attention]

CPA presents digital dances for the camera that are expressions of the contemporary self and that are used in the construction and representation of the self in the digital community.

Dance with Them

Dance with Them directed by Béatriz Mediavilla is one of five Canadian dance documentaries and films featured at this year’s Dance on Camera Festival in New York City.

Brand New Day

Jade’s Hip Hop Academy Performance Company take the 1978 film The Wiz starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson as inspiration for their own hip hop musical theatre twist.

Voyage baroque en Perse

Montréal’s Baroque and Renaissance dance company, Danse Cadence.

PAINTED and Brief Candle

PAINTED is the first in what will be a trilogy of dancefilms about “our tug-of-war with wilderness,” according to Montréal writer and film director Duncan McDowall.

Exister encore

This solo premiering in Montréal questions the external stimuli that invade our everyday life and which weigh down our existence, distancing us from individuality.

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