For a While

Directed by Jenna Borisevich, For a While was shot in a dance studio on 16mm. It tells a story of unrequited love through dance: a couple shares in a fantasy, but only for a moment.

A Quiet Flamenco

A Quiet Flamenco is a series of short films shot and edited by Rosanna Terracciano, an independent flamenco artist based in Calgary whose goal is to expose the “vulnerable, introverted and muted” aspects of flamenco dance.

Bachata in Canada

Toronto-based Latin dance couple, Kimberly Ramos and Geovanny Ricardo, have established themselves as a powerful force in the Canadian bachata dance community. Recognized for their smooth, yet strong, energy and presence, the couple has gained national and international success through numerous avenues including competing, performing and instructing at a professional level.


Learn more about the dancer who inspired The Dance Current’s May/June cover art.

Formal Mediations

PROSE is a screendance collaboration loosely based on the romanticized story of Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr and plays with the idea of keeping a calm composure when faced with overwhelming pressure.

Cutting Paper

Cutting Paper is a short video work inspired by the short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Choreographed and performed by Jennifer Dallas, with videography by Melanie Gordon, the work is described by them as telling the story of “a woman’s quiet revolution as she slowly develops the courage to listen to her own voice in a world that mistakes her clarity and creativity for insanity.”

Feedback and Paradox

Digital Folk is part video game, part costume party and incorporates live music and dance. As an installation presented by Plastic Orchid Factory as part of Dance in Vancouver and DIY@DIV it was presented as a looping performance that took place on November 23 through 24 at Left of Main in Vancouver.

Flashback Friday

This video from the 2013 Polaris Music Prize features hoop dancer and pow wow fit instructor James Jones playing with a mix of b-boy and traditional movement.


Bhairava is a fourteen minute, site-specific, dance-for-camera film by Mouvement Perpétuel, embodying the wandering yet fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, the Lord of Dance.

Calgary Catalysts

Video was and continues to be a stimulus for Krump artists across the globe and in Canada. In The Dance Current’s September/October 2017 issue, Lucy May explores the rise of the style in Canada.

STEM From Dance

STEM From Dance is a non-profit organization that combines dance and STEM to empower young girls and encourage them to pursue this predominately male field. It gives young women in low-income communities the opportunity to learn coding and discover a unique form of creativity.

Dancing to Learn

Dancing to Learn shows students at Perth Avenue Public School and dance educator Arwyn Carpenter in action – exploring, creating and moving together in the gymnasium. Peppered with comments from the students and Carpenter’s insightful articulation, the video demonstrates the benefits and transferrable skills facilitated through dance.

Dancing Fingers

Check out Halifax-based dance artist Lydia Zimmer’s hand choreography.

Jamie Robinson's Four Fallings

Read Jamie Robinson’s tips for making DIY screen dance. She’s the third featured video artist in this three-part series.

Nita Bowerman's bodies in motion

Read Nita Bowerman’s tips for making DIY screen dance. She’s the second featured video artist in this three-part series.

Francesca Chudnoff's ALGIA

Read Francesca Chudnoff’s tips for making DIY screen dance. She’s the first featured video artist in this three-part series.

Dancing to the Same Beat

To celebrate its fortieth anniversary this year, Fédération Culturelle Canadienne-Française (FCCF) presented a video series, in collaboration with Unis TV, highlighting French Canadian arts and culture. In video featuring dance, three performing artists from differing generations and regions in Canada presented their own choreography to the same piece of music - Julie Duguay, Elise Page and Yvon “Crazy Smooth” Soglo.

Unified Gestures

Toronto-based visual artist Katie Lyle and dancer-choreographer Shelby Wright made Movements for a Room in 2016, the video explores questions that arise during artistic collaboration.

The Body in Nature

OutsideIn is a stereoscopic dance film created by Anne Troake, featuring Carol Prieur of Compagnie Marie Chouinard and Bill Coleman of Coleman, Lemieux & Compagnie. The film was selected to represent Newfoundland at the 2015 Venice Biennale.

No More Stolen Sisters

Canada’s unions honour missing and murdered Indigenous women through music and dance.

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