Yvonne Pouget: Il viaggio – la smorfia della vita

By Julye Huggins
Yvonne Pouget: La smorfia della vita: Cu ti lu dissi

The Vancouver International Dance Festival has hit the ground running with programming spanning March 1st through 19th, featuring artists from Vancouver, Nelson, Montréal, Halifax, Seattle, Madrid, Zurich and Munich. This Friday and Saturday, the work of German choreographer Yvonne Pouget takes the stage with Il viaggio – la smorfia della vita, which in part references a parlour game of dream interpretation customarily played by the people of Naples.According to the presenter’s website, Pouget transforms this game into a metaphor for life. The unfolding journey: “She lifts her head. A baby face. She gets up, and travels downstage at Butoh-pace. She transforms indiscernibly from a pudgy todder’s contentment to a child’s pouting, to the coy flirts of youth, to the sovereign dignity of middle age, to her surprise then, of disappointment, even suffering, and of terrible pain, to finally, a dimming down, a calmness, a shrinking as old age sets in. Then death sneaks in and takes her. Carries her away. A whole life is unfolded and buried before us on a woman’s face through her spare gestures.”
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