Yamoussa Bangoura: Danse de l'oiseau

By Julye Huggins
Yamoussa Bangoura - Danse de l'oiseau

The March 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes a feature entitled “Dancing the African Diaspora in Canada” by Naomi Brand. In a collection of artist profiles we find Yamoussa Bangoura.”I’m a multidisciplinary circus artist, and an African traditional and modern dancer. I worked for Cirque Éloize for six years as a circus artist and musician; for Saâmato and Circus Baobab, a Guinean dance/acrobatic group; the Guinean national dance company, Les Ballets Africains; and have danced for NAfro Dance.” Yamoussa Bangoura, quoted in The Dance Current: Print.His work Danse de l’oiseau is one that he both performs and teaches. American dance historians may find Danse de l’oiseau somewhat reminiscent of Asadata Dafora’s 1932 work Ostrich Dance (also viewable on YouTube). According to Wikipedia, Dafora (of Sierra Leon) “was one of the first African to introduce African drumming music to the United States, beginning in the early 1930s.”

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