World Hoop Day: 10/10/10

By Julye Huggins
World Hoop Day Dance 2010 - compilation

Nearly two months ago World Hoop Day was celebrated by hula hoop dancers around the world. Started in 2006, the date changes each year to reflect the calendar year: October 10th this year (10/10/10) and November 11th next year (11/11/11). During this year’s event, a hoop choreography of Tink from Tokyo was learned and performed by dancers in Australia, Canada, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.The event draws attention to the not-for-profit American host organization that offers a year-round charity donating hoops to children via a network of ambassador “Healing Hoopers” who travel to remote areas around the world. To date, over 10, 000 hoops have been distributed.
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