Wind in the Leaves Collective: Fleurette Africaine

By Julye Huggins
WL 17Feb12 Fleurette P2 12 Live IV

The Wind in the Leaves Collective is a Toronto-based group of artists headed by artistic director and poet charles c. smith. Along with musicians, visual artists and other collaborators, the collective currently includes eight dancers: Kevin Ormsby, Olga Barrios, Ian Huggins, Amanda Paixão, Miranda Liverpool, Jasmyn Fyffe, Melissa Noventa and Mikhail Morris.The group strives to tell interesting stories emerging from diverse, disempowered and often misunderstood identities and communities. According to their website, their vision toward inclusivity brings attention to stories about “women, people with disabilities, ethno-cultural and racialized groups, immigrants and refugees, faith groups, the poor, Aboriginal peoples, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.” The themes of their work often “echo those of transnationalism, diaspora, globalization as well as the use/abuse of power and the marginalization that results from it and wounds both individual and collective psyches.”This video highlights the piece Live IV from their slave trade-themed production Fleurette Africaine last February. Running this week, February 4th through 6th, Been A Long Time Comin’ - Pluralism And The African Diasporic Aesthetic will premiere a dance piece by Roshanak Jaberi and Melissa Noventa. The show is presented by the collective and KasheDance.
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