The White Eagle Folk Dance Academy: Polish Mountain Dances

By Julye Huggins
Dances from Jurgow Folklore Canada Concert 2011-10-29

This recently posted YouTube video from The White Eagle Folk Dance Academy highlights mountain dances from Poland at the Folklore Canada concert “Spectacle Montréal International” held on October 29th. Their next show hits College Brebeuf December 10th as they share in the Christmas celebrations of the local Russian community.The Montréal-based semi-professional dance ensemble is led by Richard Schmidt, an award-winning choreographer and recognized Polish folk dance master. Their website notes: “Our mission is to promote and develop the folk arts of the world through dance in the hopes that people from all backgrounds will come together in peace and harmony through a better understanding of each others traditions.” With the guidance of specialized instructors, the ensemble has tackled folk traditions from Poland, Romania, Italy, Russia, Canada and the Rom people. They further note their rigorous training in ballet, character, gymnastic feats and authentic folks steps. Up ahead in the new year, the ensemble is set to take a folk tour of Poland in September 2012.
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