For a While

By George Turnbull
For a While [Dance Film]

Directed by Jenna Borisevich, For a While was shot in a dance studio on 16mm.  It tells a story of unrequited love through dance: a couple shares in a fantasy, but only for a moment. Was it all just a dream?

This dance film is the first project produced under the name Horizons Collective, which was established by Borisevich and other artists who have come together with the common goal of combining video, dance and other art forms in unconventional spaces.

The initial concept for this film came from Borisevich. It was born out of her contemplation of past relationships and the rose-tinted glasses we tend to see them through – how past partners often only really exist in one’s imagined reality. She shared her ideas with her co-choreographer, Caitlin McCurdy, and together they created the choreography for the piece. In addition, McCurdy brought to this work her study of the films of queer filmmakers like Barbara Hammer and Kenneth Anger. In particular, McCurdy was inspired by Hammer’s ability to capture relationships without voyeurism, while creating intimate portraits of lovers.

Borisevich and McCurdy were thrilled when dancers, Cade Greer and Taiylor Wiebes (from the Silhouettes Dance Company), agreed to work with them; each has the athleticism and physicality which would allow Borisevich and McCurdy to experiment with lifts and partner work. Both creators expressed that working with the dancers was the highlight of their experience.

Director: Jenna Borisevich
Choreographer: Jenna Borisevich and Caitlin McCurdy
Producer: Horizons Collective
Performer: Taiylor Wiebes and Cade Greer
Cinematograher: Robert Mentov
1st AC: Jeff Kenneth Lee
Hair and makeup: Aleksandra Holownia
Shot in Toronto, on 16mm, Kodak vision3 250D
Song: In This Shirt by The Irrepressibles
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