Dancers Reflect on All Bodies Dance Project

By Emma Kerson
What do you like about dancing with All Bodies Dance Project?


All Bodies Dance Project presents a series of testimonials from dancers. The Vancouver-based organization welcomes artists of all shapes and sizes and abilities “to explore movement as a means of creative expression,” according to the All Bodies mandate. With accessible classes opening the wonders of the craft to a wider array of people, they seek to “widen the spectrum of who dances and what dance can be.” From freedom, to the joy of getting to know your partner, to feeling connected, to smiles and energy, check out what these dancers have to say regarding why they like dancing with All Bodies.

If you want to catch All Bodies in action, their upcoming show DO MAKE SHOW runs June 1-2 at the Roundhouse Performance Centre in Vancouver, which is, of course, wheelchair accessible. For more: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2946620

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