Weasel Hunting Strategies: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah!

By Julye Huggins
How a weasel hunts

The stoat (or ermine), a short-tailed weasel native to Canada (as well as parts of North America and Eurasia), has a particularly fascinating hunting strategy: dance! The “weasel war dance, ” as it is also known, is a curious maneuver used to mesmerize, confuse and disorient large prey such as rabbits. Described by Cracked.com in its article “The 6 Deadliest Animals Too Adorable to Run Away From”, the step-by-step guide for learning this charming mojo goes something like this: “run right really fast; run left really fast; right; right; left; left; jump; hop; roll; roll; kill.”If you don’t understand the Czech narration, check out the video below for a version with a fun soundtrack.

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