Off the Wall 2015

Frog in Hand By Lee Slinger
Off The Wall 2015 Highlight Reel


In her feature article, Emergence, in the September/October issue, Colleen Snell provides a personal exploration of her choreographic process and experiences at Montréal’s Springboard Danse 2015. She discusses, in particular, her desire to make work that speaks to both an initiated and a more general audience, art that helps with the “understanding of human stories and human spaces.”

As co-director of Frog in Hand, with her sister Noelle Hamlyn, Snell has put these goals into practice, creating accessible pieces, both in terms of content and in their sites of presentation, but that remain physically and creatively challenging. For Off the Wall 2015, the second edition of this ambitious and public dance event, they explored stories and spaces that related to Canadian identity and what it means to combine visual art and performance in non-traditional spaces. Off the Wall involved twenty-three artists and was performed for over 6000 people this summer, including being fully integrated into the Canada Day programming at the Living Arts Centre, in Mississauga, Ontario.

Frog in Hand will be performing at the Night Shift Festival in Kitchener, Ontario, this Halloween, October 31. They are also currently artists in residence at hub14 where they are developing new work for 2016.

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