Vincent Dance Theatre: Broken Chords

By Julye Huggins
Broken Chords - Vincent Dance Theatre

April 22nd through 24th, the National Arts Centre in Ottawa will feature Broken Chords by the United Kingdom company Vincent Dance Theatre. A note on the company’s website says that, “Heartbreaking in its honesty, full of dark humour, sublime dancing and playful theatricality, Broken Chords shifts effortlessly between the bleakly comic and the beautifully tragic, charting the director’s devastating divorce with rebellious and hysterical results.”Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent offers this personal insight:”Broken Chords cannot shake off a sense of darkness and weight. Performers slide in and out of control, coming together and falling apart. The piece malfunctions and circles around itself as the dancers and musicians struggle to hold on to each other and hold on to the work.Broken Chords is two pieces in one – a fictional dance that describes the dark side of love, and a series of self-mocking interruptions that try to save the work from its own physical and emotional self indulgence. These parallel and contradictory strands go some way to describing how the show must go on, at times in your life when the overwhelming desire is to stop faking it, stop talking about it and start living again.”

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