Van46 Digital: Canadian Dance Moves

By Julye Huggins
Canadian Dance Moves

Last week, Van46 Digital released this handy educational guide to Canadian dance moves. The concept and dancing came from Stina Diös and Liam Kearney from the Van46 video-making team, which also includes Jason Donovan, Jeff Higgins and Evan Moir. You may in fact recognize some of these steps, but who knew they had such clear Canadian cultural symbolism!Their collection of clever “time-honoured and traditional Canadian dances” include: The Lumberjack, The Friendly Backpacker, Scrape the Windshield, The Cross-Country Skier, The Beaver, Pile the Poutine, Pump the Keg, Skate the Pond, Spell Your Name in the Snow, The Curler, The Glove Save, The Dog Sled, Paddle the Canoe, Skip the Goose Poop, The Maple Leaf, Carry the Two-Four, Tap the Syrup, Cold as Ice and Raise the Cup. Viewers are encouraged to respond with their own additions to the list!
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