Van Grimde Corps Secrets: Bodies to Bodies III

By Julye Huggins
Van Grimde Corps Secrets - Bodies to Bodies III ( Les chemins de traverse-Metz)

March 10th through 13th in Montréal, Agora de la Danse presents the local company Van Grimde Corps Secrets in their new work Bodies to Bodies III (Les chemins de traverse - Metz). The work then tours to Lennoxville, Quebec on March 16th and then off to Belgium on April 21st.This work is now in its third incarnation and is inspired by Isabelle Van Grimde’s research project, The Body in Question. Her vision of the body has expanded over the past six years of her research, considering perspectives from artistic, scientific and intellectual communities from several different countries. Throughout the process of exploring these reflections, the movement vocabulary has transformed, moving away from peripheral architecture “to embrace a more visceral and sensitive approach to the body by studying its elementary drives and tensions.” On her website, Van Grimde asks: “Indeed, what meaning can Dance have when Physics states that matter does not exist and that flesh, organs and the skeleton itself are nothing more than the sum of their energetic vibrations?”The work is also characterized by the company’s open creation process, which was adopted in 2005. Meticulously coded choreographic scores offer a movement palette that is freely interpreted by the performers all while respecting certain qualitative and gestural parameters, complying with the spatial and dynamic structure of the piece and maintaining relationships with the music and other performers. “This is a complex process that mixes constraint with volition, shifting responsibility onto the performers and revealing thinking bodies, completely in possession of what they have to convey.”For more information on Isabelle Van Grimde, be sure to check out the Summer 2006 issue of The Dance Current.

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