urbanvessel: Voice-Box

By Julye Huggins
World Stage Behind The Scenes: Juliet Palmer

Taking the stage from November 10th through 14th, the interdisciplinary collective, urbanvessel, presents Voice-Box at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre.This interview video offers some reflections by composer Juliet Palmer around a work that throws female power and aggression into the ring. Palmer joins forces with choreographer Julia Aplin and writer Anna Chatterton to blend music, dance and boxing technique. The work features Vilma “The Vilminator” Vitols, Neema “Stealth Bomber” Bickersteth, Savoy “Kapow!” Howe and Christine “Trouble Clef” Duncan.According to the company’s website, urbanvessel was co-founded by Palmer and architect/artist Christie Pearson with the vision of “creating performance works rooted in the sounds and spaces of the urban environment.”
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