Urban Legends at Toronto's Fringe Festival

Urban Legends in Rehearsal


Summer Fringe festivals are designed for, and best suit, theatre. Unknown as well as more well-known artists bring their un-juried plays – usually first drafts – to the stage, hoping to launch their work into being presented at a later date. Dance has been included in various Fringe fests across the country for years, but generally has a harder time fitting into the fringe formula. Where dance has proven to shine recently, specifically in Toronto’s Fringe Festival, was with jack your body by Emily Law and Ashley Perez. The sixty-minute work from 2013 explored the evolution of underground social dances from the 1970s to the 1990s by blending diverse dances such as waacking, voguing and house with contemporary concepts, issues of race, gender, and social status. jack your body was subsequently selected as a Toronto Fringe Next Stage event, a winter festival created to give promising Fringe artists development opportunities beyond the summer festival, the following year. 

Bringing urban dance back to Toronto’s Fringe this summer is Breakin’ Ground, a group dedicated to promoting and fostering urban arts, specifically urban dance, with their new production, Urban Legends. The show features a range of some of Canada’s most celebrated urban dance artists, including Amadeus “Primal” Marquez (Northbuck Crew), Anthony “Illz” Put, Mariano Abarca, Caddy Superville and The WaaQuettes, and Andrew “Pyro” Chung. Breaking, popping, locking, house, waacking and krump all meet on stage in this Fringe show curated by Deanne Kearney, a recent graduate of York University’s BFA dance program and student of the Toronto B-Girl Movement

For more dance in this summer Toronto’s Fringe Festival, visit fringetoronto.com.

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