Unified Gestures

A dance video about sharing studio space By Vanessa Zeoli
Movements for a RoomLyle and Wright in Movements for a Room
Lyle and Wright in Movements for a Room


Toronto-based visual artist Katie Lyle and dancer-choreographer Shelby Wright combine their artistic backgrounds in the live art performance Movements for a Room. The work, presented at Jenine Marsh’s Toronto Studio in autumn 2016, deals with questions that arise during artistic collaboration. Lyle and Wright can be seen sharing the studio space as they move in and out of unified gestures, as well as interacting with the space itself, namely the walls and windows, which become characters and collaborators in their own right. The performance prompts viewers to consider how a shared vocabulary of movement is developed, how our movements change in relation to another person or place and how we experience duality within our own bodies.

Lyle and Wright began their collaborative practice in 2015 and have since presented their work in a number of contemporary art contexts. Most recently, the pair participated in the residency Choreography Across Disciplines at the Banff Centre for the Arts. They also hold workshops on body-awareness, choreography and dance for dancers of all experience levels.

Learn more about Katie Lyle’s work >> katielyle.com/projects

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