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Typecast Dance Company: Tomato Soup

By Julye Huggins

The January/February 2012 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an item on Pamela Rasbach, artistic director of Typecast Dance Company. “ ‘Typecast is about a youth voice in dance. It’s about providing opportunities for youth to work at decision-making levels.’ says Rasbach, who co-founded the company in 2009 with fellow artists and arts administrators Nicole Cornish and Matt Sweet. ‘Right from the very beginning, Nicole, Matt and I decided we would lead in our roles for four or five years and then give them [to] someone else.’” By Brittany Duggan, The Dance Current: Print, January/February 2012.Coming up next week, DanceWorks’ Co-Works series presents the latest choreography from Rasbach. January 26th through 28th, Typecast Dance performs Tomato Soup (its fourth full-length work) at the Winchester Street Theatre in Toronto. According to DanceWorks’ website, Tomato Soup is inspired by pop culture, and, “is a fast-paced response to the chaos of our overwhelming consumer culture and the thrill of excess.” Its quirky and energetic choreography is featured by dancers Hilary Crist, Brittany Castiglione, Daniel McArthur and Mateo Galindo Torres. Emerging choreographer and former Typecast dancer Missy Morris opens the show with her new choreography, which can be previewed below.

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