Être(s) Humain(s): The most together we’ve ever been

By Julye Huggins
The Most Together We've Ever Been (fragment from the research phase)

Tomorrow through Sunday in Montreal, Tangente presents Être(s) Humain(s): The most together we’ve ever been, a work by Public Recordings featuring Ame Henderson (Toronto, Canada) and Matija Ferlin (Pula, Croatia). This clip was recorder just over a year ago during the research phase at Tanzquartier Wien in Austria. This piece is a series of clumsy beginnings, with two awkward people on the verge of becoming and yet getting nowhere. The hiccuping of address after address highlights these fragile moments of potential, and ultimately embraces emptiness. They find “themselves over and over again on a stage, in a performance, in front of an audience. They tiptoe on and off the stage as if they might go unnoticed. […] The right people in the wrong space; the wrong people in the right space.”The work of Ame’s company takes a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to the creation of dance: taking strange risks, considering different aesthetics, raising critical questions, and subverting common performance models.

Learn more: Public Recordings

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