Toronto International Flamenco Festival 2009

By Julye Huggins
Toronto International Flamenco Festival

Yesterday, the 2009 Toronto International Flamenco Festival opened its 5-day run of workshops, with a main performance event on October 24th. The show Triana, La otra orilla features Rafael Campallo of Spain, having worked with Seville’s best known tablaos: Los Gallos and El Arenal. “Rafael Campallo is a stylish, authoritative young flamenco dancer who engages the musicians and audience members with subtly complicitous looks and moves. He is good at flamenco’s sudden yin-yang shifts of hot and cool, substituting casual for cool to potent effect.” - The New York TimesPerforming with him are Ruben Díaz, Marija Temo, Hali Dale, and Marija Temo. These artists and others are the hosts of the workshops this week, ranging from flamenco choreography, technique, accompaniment, singing and more.

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