T.Milly Productions Presents Ayden Nguyen

Pint-sized prodigy Ayden Nguyen brings it in a piece choreographed by Edmonton-based Alexander Chung
So Cold - Tank - Choreography by Alexander Chung | Filmed by @TimMilgram


From Missy Elliott music videos to any TV talent competition ever, dancing child wonders will never get tiresome or less cute. In this video, six-year-old Ayden Nguyen busts a move while keeping a blue steel gaze at the camera (he comes in at 3:31). A freestyle champ at the age that most kids are figuring out how to tie their shoes, Nguyen’s ambition is equally as on fire as his pop and lock skills. Presented by LA-based T.Milly Productions, the video features choreography by renowned dance artist Alexander Chung. Based in Edmonton, Chung has choreographed for groups performing alongside artists such as Danny Fernandes, Omarion and Dragonette.

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