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Thrill the World: Canada Represent

By Julye Huggins

This past Saturday, Thrill the World assembled nearly 10, 000 people around the globe to simultaneously dance a routine based on Michael Jackson’s 1983 music video Thriller, choreographed by Michael Peters. Ines Markeljevic, a Toronto-based dance artist, initiated the world-wide project in 2006. Using an easy-to-follow teaching strategy, she reaches out via YouTube videos and other online documents to instruct the choreography in bite-size pieces.This year, Canada registered ten events: Calgary, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Kitchener, Ottawa, Port Hope, Sudbury, Toronto, Charlottetown and Montréal.With the belief that anyone can learn to dance, Markeljevic has made the event accessible and fun for all ages. Collectively the dancers have set and broken world records and raised money for several charities addressing issues such as animals, environment, health, special needs, poverty, child services, families in crisis, community organizations, abuse, minority advocacy, education and refugee aid.
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