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Theatre Rusticle: Engaging Physical Theatre Since 1998

By Julye Huggins

This nostalgic video offers highlights from Theatre Rusticle’s productions between 1998 and 2010.This past weekend, Allyson McMackon’s physical theatre company kicked off it’s Toronto run of Peter and the Wolf, running September 3rd through 11th. According to the company’s website, this fresh look at the 1936 work by composer Sergei Prokofiev “is set on the eve of Peter’s death, when the wolf comes to visit one last time.” The boy is taken through flashbacks and memories of the lives they have lived up until the day they meet in the field. “It draws a parallel between a man and a regal animal, illuminating lives that are not so different, the struggle to grow and change in the face of rigid society and the harshness of life.” The show features artists Hume Baugh, Bethany Bergman, Shelley Brown, Wesley Connor, Jamie Ebbs, Michael Fedyshyn, Liam Hanebury, Fraser Jackson, Susannah Mackay, Viv Moore, David Pell, Joseph Phillips, Ed Reifel, Matthew Romantini, Lucy Rupert, David Smukler, Michele Verheul and William Yong.
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