Decidedly Jazz Danceworks dancer Catherine Hayward steps into the studio as choreographer By Jillian Groening
Tethered Rehearsal


Like demons dancing in the flames of Bald Mountain, choreographer Catherine Hayward captures the rhythmical exasperation of being stuck in an endless loop, pulled along by the music. Created during Dancers’ Studio West’s (DSW) Dance Action Lab 2016, Hayward’s work Tethered hones in on the energy inherent in live accompaniment. Working together with composer Rubim de Toledo, Hayward had the unique opportunity to step on the other side of the creative drawing board after nine years as a dancer with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD) and unify her two worlds of jazz and contemporary dance.

“I’m working on the relationship between dance and music, how we can hear Rubim’s composition and see something we might not expect from the dancers. The results create tension,” Hayward explains in an email to The Dance Current. Working with performers Shayne Johnson, Meghann Michalsky, Rufi O Rodriguez, Deanne Walsh and DSW Artistic Director Davida Monk, Hayward has the unique opportunity to work with a cast holding varying levels of experience. 

Hayward and the rest of the participants in DSW’s Dance Action Lab will present the production Fear July 21-23 at the new DJD Dance Centre.

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