Tap-Off for Vancouver’s International Tap Dance Festival

The Heavyweights Brass Band (Live at East Side Boom) ft Allison Toffan & Johnny Morin


Vancouver’s International Tap Dance Festival’s fifteenth anniversary will take place from August 28 to 31, 2014. Alongside international tap legends like Michelle Dorrance and Dianne “Lady Di” Walker, contemporary Canadian tap all-stars will be hoofing up a storm all over town. Among them Allison Toffan, Ryan Foley, Lisa Latouche, David Cox, Danny Nielsen and Johnathan Morin will be giving classes and workshops throughout the weekend. In this video Allison Toffan and Johnathan Morin make music with The Heavyweights Brass Band at the East Side Boom jam session held at Gerrard Art Space in Toronto last May. Watch the crowds swell when they take the show on the road at minute 3:40.  

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