Tap Dogs: A Reinvention of Tap

By Julye Huggins
Tap Dogs Corporate Show Reel

The October 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine features an article on tap dance, “Taking the Pulse: Tap Dance in Canada”. “The Australian production Tap Dogs, which has astounded audiences since 1995, has been a source of work for several Canadian tap dancers including [Brock] Jellison, Ontario’s Everett Smith of So You Think You Can Dance Canada fame, and [Ethel] Bruneau protgégé Travis Knights.” By Lys Stevens, The Dance Current: Print, October 2010. Toronto’s Canon Theatre is still rattling this weekend as Tap Dogs closes their September 28th to October 3rd run. The cast of fifteen solid hoofers includes Montréal-native Travis Knights. The show has come a long way under choreographer Dein Perry, whose kick started the original group of six Australian blokes from the industrial town of Newcastle. Shaking up show-biz in their Blundstone work boots, the company joined forces with designer/director Nigel Triffitt and composer Andrew Wilkie to bring their performance to new heights. Raised up on scaffolding and metal platforms, the tappers make every use of their steely construction site, which reconfigures throughout the show.As the cast has grown over the years, the company has worked to teach new “Dogs” their old tricks, bringing them into the fold of the construction crew with an air of spontaneity and authenticity.
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