TAO Dance Theater: 2

By Julye Huggins
Danse Danse 12-13: TAO Dance Theater - Weight x 3 + 2 - ENG

Touring to Montréal’s Place des Arts November 27th through 30th, the Chinese contemporary dance company TAO Dance Theater presents Weight x 3 and 2. Just last week, November 22nd through 24th, they hit the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and will be seen at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto coming up March 20th through 23rd.This video highlights dynamic excerpts from 2. Artistic director and choreographer Tao Ye balances the technical virtuosity of his dancers with striking periods of stillness. Like a shifting magnetism in the body, their fluid movement spills, rolls and collapses to the floor. In a reprieve from gravity, the ground offers them rebound and support, but always welcomes their inevitable return.
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