Supernaturalz Crew Turns 21!

Dyzee Supernaturalz - "The Essence of Thread Styles" (Flow, Complexity, & Illusions)


The original Thread Style of bboying was created and mastered by the original Supernaturalz Crew in the 1990s. The pioneers of the crew (Leg-O and Stripes) were established (old school) hip-hop dancers who were also bboys. Because rap music was still in its golden age at that time, the rhyme flow and fresh tracks inspired this crew to break with complexity and original concepts and ideas. In bboying, being original was highly valued, so the Supernaturalz developed a style so complex that it was impossible for people watching in the cyphers to bite or copy it.

Passed down from generation to generation, these thread concepts were mastered by the new members of Supernaturalz, and they continue to be passed down today. The original Threadz will be preserved for it is the last cypher style. The music track here is Supernatural by M. Dynes.

Supernaturalz Crew celebrate their twenty-firstst anniversary
on August 29 and 30 with battles, workshops, parties, discussion panels and more at
The Annex Wreck Room,794 Bathurst St.(Bathurst & Bloor) and Simply Swagg Studio & Block Party,
90 Progress Rd. For questions and requests please email supernaturalz92@gmail.com
or check the Facebook page.

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