SUNYA - Constantinople & Sinha Danse - Excerpt


Sunya, choreographed in 2013 by Roger Sinha in collaboration with musical emsemble Constantinople and presented by Danse Danse, is a piece based on the experimentation of four dancers, three musicians, a sound designer, a video artist and Sinha. Dancers take up the entire stage, flowing beautifully from one end to the other, using their strength and intricate hand gestures to express Sinha’s ideas of sound and movement. “Every sound stems from a gesture,” says Sinha in his description of Sunya. These gestures are a staple of Sinha’s choreography, which mixes classical Indian, bharatanatyam and contemporary genres. This video features excerpts of an April 2013 performance of Sunya, danced by Thomas Casey, Tanya Crowder, Ghislaine Doté, François Richard and Sinha at La Cinquième Salle, La Place des Arts in Montréal.

In the March/April 2014 issue, visual artist Habiba Nathoo sketches some of Sinha’s choreography during the creation of his piece Hi5 Lo5, wifi takka takka dhim. Nathoo’s drawings and Sinha’s responses reveal a complexity of approaches and perspectives and, also, some surprising similarities. 

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