In the Studio: Old Men Dancing

By Julye Huggins
Old Men Dancing

The Dec/Jan 09/10 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes a photo feature of the Peterborough-based community dance project Old Men Dancing, as well as an online interview with their members.”The group consists of men aged fifty or so who have come together for the love of dance and performance. They have no formal dance training and come from all walks of life. Old Men Dancing is unique in the community and in Canada as a group that creates contemporary dance theatre in the context of what it means to be an older male in our society.” By Megan Andrews, The Dance Current: Online.This video includes additional photos from their rehearsals with choreographer Bill James, as well as images from a fundraising dinner for Howard Hospice in Zimbabwe. Their most recent performance was just over a month ago, with works by Tedd Robinson, David Earle, Bill James and Allen Kaeja.

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