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New solo work by William Yong, artistic director of Zata Omm
Zata Omm's STEER by William Yong - A short teaserWilliam Yong in Zata Omm Dance Project's Steer
William Yong in Zata Omm Dance Project's Steer
Following last year’s highly successful Dora Award-nominated vox:lumen (read the interview staging sustainability here), Zata Omm returns to World Stage with a solo work created by Artistic Director William Yong.
Continuing the company’s mandate to push the current artistic climate via innovative technological elements, Steer questions the physical as well as the intangible line between modern humans and our machines. Yong’s technically clear and linear aesthetic pairs ingeniously with the digital and elegant sci-fi atmosphere proposed. Questioning where a person’s flesh ends and the machine begins, the work plays with who is leading whom. An infrared camera, accelerometer motion sensors and motion-capture devices allow the technology, created with Jérôme Delapierre and Navid Navab, to interpret Yong’s movements and express them visually and instantaneously in an interactive manner. This fusion of biology and technology unveils a visually futuristic world deeply related to the contemporary role of the digital and its potential effects on the human body and mind.
A pre-show talk on May 11 will be hosted by one of World Stage’s Scholars-in-Residence, Julia Fawcett, as she examines whether our bodies are “just organic material or do they necessarily include the technologies that we have come to depend upon … And in a world where ourselves are inseparable from our machines, what, exactly, does self-expression look like?”
Steer runs May 11 through 14 as part of Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage 2016 at the Fleck Dance Theatre. 
For ticket information, visit harbourfrontcentre.com
Zata Omm’s Steer was featured as an event highlight in the May/June issue of The Dance Current. Zata Omm stands for Zen and the Actualization Of Modern Movement.
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