Sore For Punching You: Final Savage Land

By Julye Huggins
Final Savage Land - Trailer 1

Running January 23rd to February 2nd in Toronto, Sore for Punching You presents the premiere of Final Savage Land, choreographed by Allison Cummings.Featuring performers Linnea Swan and Luke Garwood, the installation/site-specific work looks at how society is grounded in human relationships - a webbing of reliance that is integral to our survival. Noted on the company’s website, Final Savage Land is inspired by composer Arvo Part’s piano composition FurAlina. “Part explains that, musically, through the coupling of the notes, the neutrality in each note’s autonomy is disrupted; creating a togetherness that is disturbing in its own beauty. Cummings has transferred the concept of this coupling onto the dancers, illustrating the nature of co-dependency through movement and dance.”Be sure to check out the November 2009 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an item on Allison Cummings.
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