Sophie Corriveau: Jusqu'au silence

By Julye Huggins
Jusqu'au silence de Sophie Corriveau

October 12th through 15th at Agora de la danse in Montréal, dancer Sophie Corriveau performs her first choreographic work Jusqu’au silence. The solo is co-presented and featured on the 2011/12 program of Danse-Cité, a Montreal-based research, creation, production and distribution company.Accroding to Danse-Cité’s website, this multimedia work includes a projected film animation by Corriveau’s brother, Thomas, which repeats draws and image “until it is unrecognizable, real then virtual, transforms itself and becomes poetry, vertigo, a crush of sensations, with the solo serving as an echo.” Interestingly, Corriveau was inspired by her mother’s writings as well as the memorabilia, anecdotes and disparate reflections stuffed in family scrapbooks. The person on stage appears as an embodied scrapbook, fragmented between eras and experiences.
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