Somewhere Between Maybe

Somewhere Between Maybe :: Dana Gingras - Animals of Distinction


“Ballroom music, but no ballroom” is the beginning of a description for Somewhere Between Maybe by Vancouver’s Dana Gingras. It continues: “Twin blue turntables play one last record, crackling and humming with the fading memory of tunes. The theatre has been emptied of intent, or given over to its own. Two lone figures slip out from behind the curtained void. They dance masked, their faces as brief as emblems, their bodies a broken sign for what holds our own together. We should not be fooled by their awkwardness, their stuttering steps, their disarticulation, twitching and near-misses. For they have learned to use their bodies as if they were new to them, to catch that crack and spark of consciousness, fleeting as a firefly, between motion and what wills it. Broken virtuosos, they have grown used to ducking into the in-between, in the very nick of time. We stand in the interval. Take stock of a distance. Somewhere between maybe.”

The work premieres at Agora de la danse in Montréal February 11-13, 2015, and features interpreters Sonya Stefan and Jamie Wright. This video was shot on Super 8 by Mark Loeser and edited by Guillaume Vallee, with music by The Caretaker. Gingras is artistic director of her company Animals of Distinction and is known and loved for her boundary-pushing choreography and performance. 

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