With Somebody Who Loves Me: A Gay Dansical

By Julye Huggins
With Somebody Who Loves Me: A Gay Dansical

Having finished a July 6th through 14th run at the Toronto Fringe Festival, With Somebody Who Loves Me: A Gay Dansical is now in the midst of another local two-week run from August 8th through 19th. Frank Manzo’s choreography reshapes musical theatre into a dance spectacle without dialogue or singing. According to his website, “by employing clever transitions between dance numbers with staging and video, the show creates a cast of characters with clear story arcs that you not only get to know, but actually care about, that serve to enhance the emotional impact of each dance piece.”The gay and lesbian characters of the show face commonplace challenges, such as the search for love, a broken heart, job loss, depression and relationship strain. There is also a reflection on the anti-effeminate preoccupation in gay culture.
Learn more:Manzo Entertainment Inc.

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