solo|soul research with Margaret Grenier & Karen Jamieson

solo|soul with Margaret Grenier and Karen Jamieson 2012


In this video Margaret Grenier of the Dancers of Damelahamid and Karen Jamieson present a collaborative research as part of Jamieson’s ongoing solo|soul project, which will premiere in July 2014.

From March 4 - 7 The Dancers of Damelahamid present the annual Coastal First Nations Dance Festival in partnership with the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology.  The Coastal First Nations Dance Festival presents a wide range of rich cultural traditions from dance groups locally and internationally, including Adriana Arrunategui, Gissela Vargas, the ChinookSong Catchers, Compaigni V’ni Dansi, Dakhká Khwáan, Eagle Song Dancers, Git Hayetsk, Git Hoan, Kwhlii Gibaykw, Le La La Dancers, Rainbow Creek Dancers, and Tsatsu Stalqayu Coast Wolf Pack. See Naomi Brand’s profile of Margaret Grenier in the March/April 2014 edition of The Dance Current

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