Society of Dance History Scholars: Soundwalk Interactions PERsentation

By Julye Huggins
Dance Dramaturgy 2011 : York University , Dance Department (Soundwalk Interactions)

Back in June at the Society of Dance History Scholars’ Annual Conference, dance artists and researchers gathered at York University to discuss issues in dramaturgy. The event, held June 23rd through 26th, was presented by York University’s Masters of Fine Arts Graduate Program in Dance, the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama and UC Drama at the University of Toronto as well as the Toronto-based companies Dancemakers, Series 8:08 and Nightswimming.At the conference, particular slots were reserved for “PERsentations”, collaborative presentation platforms for “non-conventional investigation related to the conference theme.” This video offers a peek at a session entitled Soundwalk Interactions, presented by dance artist Susan Lee, Associate Professor Andra McCartney (Concordia University) and Associate Professor Don Sinclair (York University). Their exploration involved working with four dancers (Jesse Dell, Tracey Norman, Bee Pallomina and Shannon Roberts) as they interacted with captured sounds. According to the conference programme, their creative process was discussed at more length prior to a performance of the choreography: “the dancers move and dynamically manipulate sound in the space, and to project visualizations of these movements in real time.”
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