Sinha Danse and Constantinople

Śūnya By Julye Huggins
Danse Danse 12- 13 : Sinha Danse /Constantinople - Sunya

Running April 17th through 27th at Place des Arts in Montréal, Śūnya explores a mingling of cultures, following choreographer Roger Sinha’s focus on “the other” and “the rootless.” In collaboration with the Persian music ensemble Constantinople and dramaturge Jo Leslie, this contemporary dance work is brought to life by performers Thomas Casey, Tanya Crowder, Ghislaine Doté and François Richard.As noted on the presenter’s website: “The Sanskrit word śūnya means zero or nothing, and refers to the notion of an emptiness from which enlightenment is possible. The Indian mathematician Brahmagupta was one of the first to define zero in the Brâhma Siddhânta. […] This notion of a point of departure, of an emptiness from which can emerge the best and the worst, is the theme of this new piece.
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