Shay Kuebler: Karoshi

By Julye Huggins

Coming to The Dance Centre in Vancouver, December 6th through 8th, Shay Kuebler presents Karoshi, dancing with his all-male cast including Scott Augustine, Hayden Fong, Nicholas Lydiate and Manuel Sorge. They are also joined by live drummer Jason Overy of Uzume Taiko. This video highlights an excerpt showing from the Dance in Vancouver Festival in 2011, since developed into a full-length work. The production also integrates video projections by Josh Hite and real-time media manipulation by Craig Alfredson.The title of the show is the Japanese term for death brought on by overwork, including illness and stress-related suicide. In fact, the country tracks it as a yearly statistic. Inspired by the tensions of social pressure and personal need, Kuebler explores his ideas with black humour and brings his particular blended styling of martial arts, hip hop and contemporary dance. Kuebler tells The Dance Centre: “The ‘salaryman’ culture epitomized, to me, how the density and direction of life can force you to lose track of yourself […] When society is rigid, and the focus on one aspect is unwavering, the neglected portions of self will eventually rise up with as much force as the amount of time it has been repressed.”Be sure to check out April 2010 and July/August 2012 issues of The Dance Current print magazine where Kuebler is featured on the cover with the 605 Collective, as well as the Summer Annual 2011 issue for an article on Kuebler.
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