Sharon B. Moore: Fantasies and Other Poisons

By Julye Huggins
Fantasies and Other Poisons

A newly proposed dance project was recently added to the global fundraising platform Indiegogo. Emerging dance artists Emma Kerson, Jane Alison McKinney, Jillian Peever and Freya Sargent are seeking donations to produce a new work, in which they will be performing, by choreographer Sharon B. Moore. Fantasies and Other Poisons blossomed out of the the 2011 Sharon Moore Solo Project, in which Moore worked with four students from the graduating class at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Their process is now ready to be transformed into a full-length show under Moore’s direction and will be presented July 26th through 28th at the Winchester Street Theatre in Toronto. Donations will help cover their production budget for theatre rental, rehearsal space, a lighting designer and costumes. As described on their profile: “Bold and exciting, the work pairs theatricality with magnetic physicality in an intimate, quirky, and desperate world. We are not presenting a timid work. The piece flows like a moving portraiture: the faces of desperation held together by the fantasy and illusions of those who are, shall we say, less fortunate.” Five curious characters are brought to light, including Mr. Leftovers (and his world of fragmented thoughts and dreams), Almost Queen (the handmaid with delusions of grandeur), Olga (the Russian superstar desperate to stay on top of her game), Sylphia (and her obsession with fables) and Oracle (a has-been mystic in the throws of decadent choices as Rome crumbles).Be sure to check out the November 2007 issue of The Dance Current magazine for an item on Sharon B. Moore.
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