Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam: Sohrab and Gordafarid

By Julye Huggins
Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam - Sohrab and Gordafarid

Coming to New Westminster on December 15th, Caravan World Rhythms and Farhad Soofi present Moshkin Ghalam & Hamed Nikpay, a performance of Iranian dance and music. With Nikpay boasting the reputation of being one of Iran’s best young vocalists, Ghalam brings his international renown and distinct style that combined Sufi forms and flamenco.Ghalam’s biography notes that after leaving his birth country of Iran at a young age, he grew up and trained in France. Among his prestigious credits, he joined Théâtre du Soleil, under French theatre director Adriane Moushkin, and trained further in folkloric Indian Kathakali, Indonesian Topeng and Japanese Kabuki. His Facebook biography notes exposure to Sufi dances and flamenco “reshaped his style and direction in dancing, and became the dominant color of his performance.” By 1997, he founded the Nakissa Dance Company and has since performed internationally.This video highlights a performance with Karine Gonzalez entitled Sohrab and Gordafarid, which is inspired by the Shahnameh (Book of Kings) - a classic epic poem of Iran’s national history and the hero of Persia, written by Ferdowsi. As noted in the video description: “Sohrab is born of a night of love between the great Persian hero Rostam and Princess Tahmineh, the daughter of the king of Samangan. Seeking his father, Sohrab goes to Persia. Although still young, he already has the reputation of a great hero, bringing terror to the hearts of his adversaries, who attempt to prevent him from arriving at his destination. Gordafarid, a young warrior maiden, disguised in the armor of a man, challenges Sohrab. During the battle, Sohrab uses his lance to throw Gordafarid’s helmet to the ground. Her courage and patriotism impress Sohrab and touch his heart.”
Learn more:Moshkin Ghalam & Hamed NikpayShahrokh Moshkin Ghalam’s Facebook Page

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