Sasha Ivanochko: Teaching the Potent Body

By Julye Huggins
Dancemakers Presents: The future memory heartbreak junction

Toronto’s Series 8:08 Alternative Technique Class is offering a workshop with Sasha Ivanochko (of black and blue dance projects), designed for emerging, mid-career and professional dance artists, October 27th and 28th. Entitled “The Potent Body: Performing and Creating with Intention, Economy and Depth”, the class delves into interpretive and performance tools for contemporary dance. According to the presenter’s website, participants will engage in physical/creative preparation, image-based improvisations and more complex investigations into movement structuring and embodiment. Exploring and building movement sequences, the work further addresses intention and specificity. The body’s communicative potential is given the floor, as dancers are encouraged to further consider and discuss the “function of movement, impulse, body mechanics, movement as metaphor, symbolism, abstraction, and musicality.” This video shows Ivanochko rehearsing a sequence from her work The Future Memory Heartbreak Junction, which premiered as a solo in 2008 and was later developed as a diptych in 2010.Be sure to check out the November 2010 and Summer 2009 issues of The Dance Current print magazine for items on Sasha Ivanochko.
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