Sandrine Lafond: Little Lady

By Julye Huggins
LITTLE LADY - Sandrine Lafond  - Produced by Paolo A. Santos - Paolo Santos

The Canadian Fringe festival circuit is set to close in coming weeks with a final hoopla in Vancouver, September 6th through 16th. Running the gamut is Sandrine Lafond’s Little Lady, which hit London (June 7-16), Ottawa (June 18-24), Toronto (July 4-15), Winnipeg (July 19-29), Calgary (August 3-11), Edmonton (August 16-26), Victoria (August 28-September 2) and now Vancouver (September 6-16).Lafond is a French buffoon artist, choreographer and dancer, now based in Las Vegas. She has worked in North America with the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion and Marie Chouinard. Her solo show in the Fringe takes a dark comedy angle in addressing the obsession of one’s image. Noted in the program guide for this dance/clown/physical theatre production: “The exquisite movement skills of Lafond juxtapose with the world of distortion and manipulation accentuating Little Lady’s tormented and blissful metamorphosis.”
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