Sampradaya Dance Creations: What is Classical?

By Julye Huggins
Excerpts from Vivarta and Howzaat!

On August 8th, Sampradaya Dance Creations will be featured at Harbourfront Centre’s World Routes festival in Toronto. The theme of the program running August 6th through 8th is “What is Classical?”Artistic Director Lata Pada answers the call with an hour-long program of classical bharatanatyam dance compositions and live South Indian classical music. As stated on the festival’s website, “the dance repertoire will showcase the dynamic and sophisticated dance form of bharatanatyam, celebrated world over for its very distinctive precise movement, with elegant gestures and complex rhythmic footwork.” The company of classically trained dancers include Atri Nundy, Aarti Joseph, Shruti Javali, Sivatharsini Sivaratnam, Sinthiya Sivasithamparam, Abirami Sri Rajah, Nisha Ravindranath and Janani Suryanarayanan.An example of Sampradaya’s classical repertoire can be seen in this performance clip from Vivarta – Manifestations of Vishnu. This work highlights the art form’s stylized expressiveness, highly refined technique and poetic relationship to its subject matter. Vivarta is based on Hindu mythology of the ten incarnations of the God Vishnu.

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