Samantha Hinds: Waacking

By Julye Huggins
Urban-Element WAACKING - SamIam Princess Shayla - Zodiak Showcase

Among the classes running at Centre de Danse Urban-Element in Montréal this summer, Samantha “Sam I Am” Hinds (aka Princess Shayla) is teaching waacking. This style was developed in the American underground disco scene in the 1970s Soul Train years. It is best known for its complex arm and hand movements, with plenty of footwork, sensuality and drama to boot. Hinds’ classes also explore its distinctions from style such as voguing and punking. Hinds’ passion for hip hop dance began around age eight, and she developed her skills with groups such as Too Small To Catch, Elite Troupe, Outer Limits crew and the street dance company Stairway. Among the current projects she is working on, she is involved with Alexandra Lande’s street dance show Retrospek. For three years, she trained with Tyrone “The Bone” Proctor, a pioneer of waacking, and began teaching the style in 2007. She won the street dance battle Bust A Move in both hip hop and waacking in 2008 and is now in the Imperial House of Waacking.
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