Rubberbandance Group: Gravity of Center

By Julye Huggins
Gravity of Center (Victor Quijada) - RUBBERBANDance

This past Tuesday, Rubberbandance Group premiered Gravity of Center in Montréal, and will continue the run through April 21st. The work features Elon Höglund, Emmanuelle Le Phan, Daniel Mayo, Anne Plamondon and choreographer Victor Quijada. Their fluid and articulate gestures draw a haunting voice from a hip hop vocabulary. The work is said to explore “the contradictory relationship between interdependence and the constant quest for freedom. Each being is at once the center of the world and in orbit around others.”Be sure to check out the April 2008 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an article on Rubberbandance Group.
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