Roger Sinha: Working with Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers

By Julye Huggins

Running December 1st through 4th in Winnipeg, Sinha, Lott & Browne is presented by Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. The show features three premieres, including works by the company’s Artistic Director Brent Lott and founder Rachel Browne. Opening the program is a commissioned work by Roger Sinha (of Sinha Danse), whose style merges classical Indian dance with contemporary dance, bharatanatyam, martial arts and theatre.Sinha’s half-evening work is described as autobiographical and is inspired by his move from London (England) to Saskatoon in 1968. The eight-year-old boy was the only child of colour at his school and was soon drawn to martial arts, such as boxing and Karate, after being repeatedly attacked and bullied. In this video, we hear him discuss how he uses and adapts this movement language to create a dance about communication. The cast includes Emma Rose, Mark Medrano, Kristin Haight, Lise McMillan, Johanna Riley and Sarah Roche.Be sure to check out the Summer Annual 2008 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an item on Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers.
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