Rock Bottom Movement premieres new full-length program The Salt Show

Epic Scenario // Alyssa Martin // Rock Bottom Movement


“We’ve hit rock bottom so we might as well dance” is the humorous motto of Toronto-based dance company, Rock Bottom Movement. A quirky catchphrase, yes, but perhaps holding hints of sobriety as well, considering the company was formed after Co-Founder and Artistic Director Alyssa Martin broke her foot in her final year at Ryerson University, preventing her from dancing. Martin, featured in the latest May/June edition of The Dance Current, told contributor Christina Strynatka “I focused on my final choreographic projects. I had a mentor, Sheldon Rosen, who taught this theatre-and-dance blending, so he sort of ushered me into developing my voice.” Martin’s voice is playful, quirky and imaginative, and her work explores human flaws with a healthy dose of humour.

In Epic Scenario, three dancers costumed in polyester jumpsuits and protective goggles move around the stage with visceral curiosity as if discovering the space for the first time, staying true to Rock Bottom Movement’s mission to break the boundaries between theatre and dance. With over fifteen creations in the choreographic bank, plus four full-length programs and a collaborative dancefilm, Martin also teaches and choreographs at Ryerson as a guest artist, is the recipient for the Kenny Pearl Award for her choreographic achievements, and has just celebrated her company’s third birthday. With all that in the bag, hitting rock bottom has never seemed so appealing.

Rock Bottom Movement premieres its new full-length program, The Salt Show, in collaboration with Infinity Dance, at the upcoming Spring Works Festival in Stratford, ON, May 12 and 13. For more information, visit thedancecurrent.com/event-listing/springworks-indie-theatre-and-arts-festival and springworksfestival.ca.

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