Rites (extraits/excerpts)

In November, José Navas/Compagnie Flak of Montréal presented a new solo work, Rites, performed by Navas. Building on Navas’s 2013 work with Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, Rites examines the meaning of aging, passion and the human body. In conversation with The Dance Current recently, Navas said that he wanted to investigate the challenge of choreographing on his own older body. This piece is, he said, “the beginning of my second chapter as a dancer.” 

For this work, Navas also renewed a collaboration with direct Arno Faure, creating an amazing 3-D immersive viewer-controlled video of his performance. Featuring four different sections of the piece, the video allows viewers to choose when and what they watch, to move back and forth between the different “Navas-es,” as well as to look up and down, or to zoom in and out. 

Rites 3-D 360 degrees

For more about Navas’s personal experiences during his solo performances, see the November/December issue to read what he thinks about while backstage. 

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