Rick Mercer: At The National Ballet of Canada

By Julye Huggins
RMR: Rick at the National Ballet

Currently in Toronto, November 10th through 25th, The National Ballet of Canada (NBoc) presents Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by British choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. The show then tours to Washington, Ottawa (January 31st through February 2nd) and London, England. Back by popular demand, this rendition of the classic children’s story by Lewis Carroll premiered in 2011. It was a smash hit, according to company’s website, “enthralling and astounding audiences show after show with its mind-boggling stagecraft, startling choreographic statements and its perfectly nuanced blend of classical dance and sheer entertainment.”Toronto’s Rick Mercer pays a visit to NBoC to take a stab at the Mad Hatter role, played alternately by Robert Stephen, Christopher Stalzer and Jack Bertinshaw. He also introduces Sonia Rodriguez, who shares the role of Alice with Elena Lobsanova, Heather Ogden and Jillian Vanstone on different nights.Be sure to check out the September 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an item featuring NBoC principal dancers Guillaume Côté and Heather Ogden.
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